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We create bespoke packages for organisations that include helping to meet the needs of reporting impact to your donors through copywriting, story gathering, capturing photos, design work but also developing your workforce.

We can work in a way that suits you. Shaping high impact stories with key quotes from beneficiaries, designing posters, leaflets, flyers, logos or tailored newsletters to share your work to a wider audience, advising on the best ways to have the greatest reach through your website or social networks to share your messages no matter how
challenging the subject. We recognise that it is hard to communicate the great work
being done so we offer a full consultation service to bring the work of charities to life, touch people’s hearts and inspire donations and action.

We work quickly and efficiently. We can work remotely, travel to you or be despatched into the field. We understand the importance of investing time in sharing a cup of tea to ensure that stories are captured effectively, as that is what it takes to get to the heart of a subject, we don’t rush we’d rather work with integrity and compassion.

As well as supporting the needs of your organisation the team also specialises in
working with your staff to create stronger stories, capture better images to show work in the field and write to the style of your organisation. In multi-lingual work
environments, these dynamic and engaging training sessions can limit the amount of work that needs to be outsourced.

To discuss how Positive Media can help your organisation to tell its own unique stories get in touch today.

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