Positive People

We create bespoke content creation packages, tailored to the needs of your organisation. Whether it is shaping high-impact stories with key quotes from beneficiaries, crafting content for your newsletter so that your work reaches a wider audience, pulling together a suite of ‘quotos’ to use for social media, or designing posters, leaflets and flyers.

We understand the importance of investing time in sharing a cup of tea to ensure that stories are captured effectively because this is what it takes to get to the heart of a subject; we don’t rush we’d rather work with integrity and compassion.

We can work remotely, travel to you or be despatched into the field; and where we can we try to work in home language. We pride ourselves on working in a way that suits you but most importantly honours the individuals that we have the pleasure to meet along the way.

To discuss how Positive Media can help your organisation to tell its own unique stories get in touch today.