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Positive Media was born in 2014 following a life-changing placement with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) in remote parts of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Sarah Wiles, Creative Director, worked for fifteen months as a one-woman video producer creating engaging, user focused teacher training videos and high-impact advocacy films, as well as capturing photographs, creating contextual audio resources and crafting
positive advocacy stories to support VSOs work creating long-term solutions to help people out of poverty. Working in this setting she saw the huge impact that the
resources could have, the great thirst for knowledge and the resonance the stories could have across the globe.

Sarah started her career as a freelance journalist but quickly realised that she wanted to tell positive stories rather than navigate the negativity of mainstream media. She is a compassionate writer who is able to find compelling stories in the most unlikely places, instill confidence in her subjects through her warmth and openness, and capture
sensitive photographs and evocative film, filled with integrity.

It was the experience of taking the leap to work in PNG, a country marred with negative publicity, that reminded her of the great need for positive storytelling. If you only
believe the sensational news stories about the second biggest island in the world, you would never venture to this beautiful, diverse country, which is one of the most breath taking, unspoilt places on the planet. This is what led to her positive advocacy blog a hub where she tells stories about positive individuals and organisations in PNG to
create a little balance. She left her placement in the land of the unexpected with a heavy heart but full of passion and positivity to continue telling stories of people and
organisations in marginalised communities. This connection to PNG will never fade. This is really how Positive Media came to be.