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Over the years, Positive Media has refined our approach into creating high-impact,
visually interesting videos in some of the most remote and challenging parts of the world.

With a recent focus on creating sixty second social media edits, we pride ourselves on telling complex stories concisely to engage viewers. In Timor-Leste, we have used this approach to make videos on coffee, horticulture and fresh meat for the Australian Government’s Market Development Facility.

In Papua New Guinea, we used a creative approach to bring life to the Transport Sector Support Program’s projects in New Ireland, Bougainville and Oro, focussing on the
impact for tourism, education and the economy.

Positive Media offers full inhouse consultation, filming, and post-production for your project. We use top-of-the-range equipment, including a DJI drone to capture an aerial perspective, a GoPro for when we need to get wet, and two Canon SLR cameras to
ensure we capture every angle!

To discuss how Positive Media can help your organisation to tell its own unique stories, get in touch today.

Sarah Wiles, Creative Director, filming outside with children at Gaulim Demonstration School