Clients have included the Asia Foundation, the Australian Government’s Market Development Facility, Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development program, Business Partnerships Platform, Incentive Fund and Transport Sector Support Program, Catalpa, FHI 360, Fred Hollows, GIZ, the New Zealand Government’s HANDS program, Marie Stopes, Save The Children, Voluntary Service Overseas and the World Bank.

BPP 01    BPP 02

Corinne Roberts – Business Partnerships Platform

“Sarah travelled to a remote part of Papua New Guinea to
produce a short film for the Business Partnerships Platform. Sarah produced a set of high-quality communications from the one trip – a beautiful series of photographs and two versions of a short film.

Sarah is very creative and worked hard to get the shots that would make the film stand out. She stayed late to get night shots and was patient with her interviews, waiting to get the right one to convey the message meaningfully. Sarah had no qualms travelling to a remote part of the country and was
cautious and professional. I’d definitely work with her again.”

Marie Stopes 02   Marie Stopes 01

Michelle Laws – Marie Stopes

“I’ve worked with Sarah on multiple projects in both Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, all of which involved vulnerable populations. She developed short films, wrote case studies, and gathered a large number of photos which have allowed my team to better demonstrate the impact of our
organisation’s activities. In each case, she worked closely with me to understand and execute on my storytelling needs, as well as maintained the highest ethical standards which was particularly important within these contexts. I would definitely work with her again.”

Maritime 02    Maritime 01

Nadezhda Nikolova – GIZ – Maritime Project

“Sarah delivered photography training to my colleagues and I at the maritime project in Timor-Leste. We needed to improve our photography skills to be able to take good photographs of project activities that can tell stories of our work. The training included a clear and very easy-to-follow presentation and many practical exercises closely representing the context that we are working in and the possible situations we may need to take photos in.

Sarah taught us the principles of taking a good photograph with patience and humor. We all enjoyed it very much! And the best part is that the training made the much-needed
difference; since the photography training our photo quality has improved by 500%! The photographs of our project
activities are high-quality and understandable.”


Richard Hellyer – Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport HANDS Early Childhood Education Programme

“Sarah made a valuable contribution in 2019 to the HANDS Multimedia Unit. HANDS has a focus on assisting pre-school teacher professional development. It identified that teachers need to see more ‘good practice’ and that use of video would be to become an important training modality.

Sarah’s work included doing a situational analysis, developing a video production plan, recruiting a multimedia team and training them to produce the first batch of videos. In 2020, she is helping to update this year’s video plan.

Sarah works efficiently, makes a great effort to understand the reality of the context she is working in and is able to tailor the assistance she provides to get a useable product on time. She’s good.”

Early childhood 1   Early childhood 6

Fiona Kirby – Early Childhood Lecturer at University of Goroka

“Sarah is an outstanding Multi-Media Producer. She has worked in a university setting in the highlands of Papua New Guinea to film, edit and produce a resource of the highest quality for us to use with teaching students from all over the country.

She has also edited and transformed a booklet for the training of students in early childhood. The booklet was beautifully
assembled with many original photographs that she captured and inserted carefully. She designed, proofread, formatted
correctly and created altogether a truly valuable resource for PNG. I look forward to working with her again as the standard of work she produces is first class.”


Richard Jones – Education Programme Manager, Voluntary Services Overseas

“Sarah worked as a VSO volunteer on the PNG National
Language Support Program. She was energetic, committed and passionate about her work and about development. Sarah worked independently and with the teacher trainer teams filming great teachers teaching, planning multimedia
resources and working with PNG colleagues.

She has produced blogs and films about development,
especially the positive role of women in development. Sarah was adaptable, patient and warm.”