Positive Media is an Asia Pacific based visual storytelling platform that creates powerful stories through videography, photography and copywriting, as well as offering training, coaching and mentoring to build capacity within teams.

Positive Media unearths evocative stories and crafts compelling content to show the impact that development projects have on individuals, communities and the environments that they live in. We work in an ethical and respectful manner and understanding culture and context is at the core of our approach and is reflected in the genuine feelings that are captured in our stories.

With people at the heart of this work, we are passionate about supporting projects that benefit women and girls, as well as leaving a lasting sustainable legacy by creating and empowering local teams.

With experience working in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Sri Lanka, there is nowhere too remote for our team to venture. We offer a range of creative communication solutions and training opportunities, tailored to meet your needs, so get in touch as we are ready to tell your remarkable story.